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ALBA Steam generators

Steam Generators create perfect solutions for modern and high quality facilities all around the world. Steam consummating industries like tourism, textile, food, construction, health and chemistry place steam generators as a "must" into their facilities and projects for the many advantages they provide.

Continuous and fast steam production, fuel conservation and most importantly, removing the risk of any kind of explosion or pressure related hazard and creating a safe working environment makes the steam generator the perfect steam producer.

All safety issues present with a Steam Boiler are automatically discarded with a Steam Generator due to its unique design, control and safety processes which make an explosion impossible. Steam Generators are safe, economic, ergonomic, environment friendly modern steam producers.

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Advantages of ALBA Steam generators

Steam Due to the three-pass coil design, the heating surface is highly benefited by the flame and flame smoke.

Steam Feed water temperature is increased by 7C-12C with the Exhaust Gas Economizer and efficiency is increased by 3%.

Steam Modulated ignition enables steam generator to match your steam load profile while making sure that system steam pressure is maintained.

Steam ALBA Steam Generator Feed Pumps can pump 105°C feed water continiously without any problem. Therefore, less energy is spent to convert water into the steam phase and efficiency is increased.

Steam As steam is ready to use only in 3 minutes after cold start, the boiler efficiency is 8% higher than conventional steam boilers.

Steam No Risk of Explosion due to the spiral coil pipe design. No pressurized steam and water storage.

Steam No risk for human and enviroment. Safest Design Ever.

Steam All the safety equipment and materials under pressure are certificated and conformity for 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment Directive.

Steam High safety and low weight and low volume design make installation possible in buildings with limited area and limited structural support.

Steam All equipment and materials are made in Europe and Quality Certificated.

generator Adjusts capacity automatically - ALBA Steam Generator can be started just by pressing a start button. Remote control is also available upon request.

generator All values can be digitally under track.

generator Operational and after sales service costs much lower than other alternative designs due to the minimum maintenance requirement

generator Enviromental friendly.

generator ALBA Steam Generators are manufactured in modern production facilities with a total area of 50.000m2 (approx. 20.000m2 closed area)

generator Pressured equipment are welded by Welding Robots which eliminates human factor.

generator Takes less space due to the compact design which is helping to reduce construction costs for new facility installations.

generator Steam Generator Coil Pipes are manufactured in-house by using P235GH Steel Pipes (Certificated, made in Europe).

generator ALBA is one of the few European Steam Generator Brands certified with Module H1 Quality System Approval based on 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment Directive.


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