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Vertical Steam Generator Technical Details

Steam Generator

Steam Quantity

Max. Working Pressure

Heat Capacity

Water Volume

Heating Area

Sound Power


150 kg/h

16 Bar

105 kW

13 lt

4,5 m²

70 dBA


350 kg/h

16 Bar

245 kW

38 lt

7,7 m²

70 dBA


500 kg/h

16 Bar

350 kW

38 lt

7,7 m²

70 dBA


750 kg/h

16 Bar

524 kW

59 lt

11 m²

72 dBA


1000 kg/h

16 Bar

700 kW

87 lt

14,5 m²

75 dBA


1500 kg/h

16 Bar

1048 kW

334 lt

26 m²

77 dBA


2000 kg/h

16 Bar

1397 kW

334 lt

26 m²

78,5 dBA

Fuel: Natural Gas, LPG, Light Oil

Why ALBA steam generator?

Special compact design which occupies less floor space. NO RISK OF EXPLOSION.
The generator can be placed into crowded buildings and evironments as it is a 100% safe system.
Maximum productivity with its European burners. (90-92% Productivity)
The Packet System European burners enable maximum energy gain from gas and diesel together with easy maintenance.
The special Economizer system heats up water by 18-20 C before it enters the generator which saves fuel and energy.
Clean and safe chimney exhaust system which enables usage of the generator in every kind of building.
Special Coil System enables maximum productivity with its more-than-one coiled tubing system.
The Digital Fault Indicator enables fast and easy maintenance and saves time in locating any defect.
All data is shown electronically and the system has an integrated self-protection for electronic and sefaty parts.
All Pressure, Control and Safety equipment is pre-installed.
Steam is ready in 3 minutes after the system start. This saves 156 hours of working time and fuel in one year.



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